Construction, Volunteer Organization Committee

This committee has 4 to 6 members.

Site selection, construction planning and implementation of the plan, evaluate progress of the build, adapt as necessary, but remain simple, decent, basic in construction. Coordination of sub-contractors and volunteers, along with sweat equity from the homeowner family during construction.  Teach when necessary, discipline when appropriate, maintain safe, appropriate atmosphere which is productive and Christ-like, interacting not only with selected family, but with volunteers as well. Handle all aspects of home building coordination with seasoned construction foreman and experienced committee members.

Volunteer Organization should be an ongoing process during the build. Should maintain a current and accurate list of any individual or groups who have voiced interest in helping, and keep in touch with them. Organize the right groups or individuals when needed to perform the tasks scheduled for the build days. This includes building skills, food preparation, devotional for the start of the build day, material runners, clean up crews, landscaping, and other needs as they occur.

Interested in joining this committee?