Family Selection Process

Interested in applying for a Habitat for Humanity Home? Please use the following checklist to see if you qualify!

Eligibility Checklist

1. Are you in need of housing?
Acceptable criteria for “Housing Need”:

– You are currently employed, but do not have housing.
– You live in unsafe or very poor conditions or located in a particularly unsafe area.
– Your rent, or contribution currently paid towards rent, exceeds 35% of net income.
– The size of your current habitat is inadequate for the present or anticipated residents.
– You have other facts demonstrating a need for the type of housing Habitat can provide, that goes beyond a personal desire to own a home.

Unacceptable criteria for “Housing Need”:

– You presently own real estate.
– You have owned real estate within the last three (3) years.
2. Do you have the ability to pay?
Criteria for “ability to pay” includes:

– You are unable to obtain a conventional mortgage.
– You must have a form of stable income and employment.
– Any bankruptcies must have been discharged for at least two (2) years;
– You must have the ability to afford anticipated mortgage payments, including property taxes and homeowners insurance. (Payments are based upon income).
– Your monthly payments for debt cannot exceed 40% of gross monthly income.
– Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
3. Are you willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity?
Partnering includes:

– Applicant must be willing to complete hours of sweat equity towards the building of Habitat homes.
– Applicant must comply with all other sweat equity policies.
– Applicant must be willing to live in a neighborhood in which Habitat is currently building.
– Applicant must be willing to attend required workshops for success in homeownership.
Habitat reserves the right to waive or alter any of the foregoing criteria based upon the unique situation of the applicant.

I’m interested in applying! What are my next steps?

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