Current Projects

Two houses going up in the Sedalia area….one here in Sedalia and one at Smithton.


Thank you to Smithton Baptist Church and Smithton Methodist Church for providing snacks, drinks, great lunches, and your churches for shade and rest for the Amish crew from the Windsor area who “raised” the house at Smithton on Aug. 25 and 26. Thank you for providing wonderful meals for the builders.

Thank you for the delicious food graciously served by wonderful people. Thank you, Linda Page, for organizing the churches, to Jo Soldan, for organizing Smithton Baptist’s wonderful lunch, and to Sharon Atkinson for organizing Smithton Methodist’s delicious lunch.

Thank you to all the church members who cooked, baked, and donated. Sedalia Area Habitat for Humanity thanks you very much for your kind help with this house project.

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